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Chocolate Longfin Bristlenose Pleco

Chocolate Longfin Bristlenose Pleco

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Beautiful captive-bred Chocolate Longfin Bristlenose Plecos. Extremely healthy and active.

Size: Our Chocolate Longfin Bristlenose Plecos will be at least 1.5"- 2" when shipped to you. When fully grown, they will reach a size of approximately 5.” 


Temperament: Peaceful

Recommended Tank Size: We strongly recommend a Minimum tank size of 10 gallons. We also recommend providing this beautiful fish with driftwood and a cave to hide and feel comfortable.  

Temperature: Bristlenose plecos prefer a water temperature of  72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

pH/Hardness: Captive-bred Bristlenose plecos are hardy and can adapt to almost any pH, from 6.0-8.0. We recommend a pH of 6.5-7.5.  

Age: Your new Chocolate Longfin Bristlenose pleco will be at least 3-4 months old when you buy them. Bristlenose plecos can live for many years in captivity, some have even been known to reach 20-30 years of age! The typical lifespan is 10-15 years.  

Feeding: Bristlenose plecos LOVE to eat. At our facility they are fed: Repashy, Green Beans, Cucumber, Algae Wafers, and the occasional protein.  

All food should be sinking, as they are bottom feeders. 

Sexing: Bristlenose plecos will all look the same when juvenile, but once they reach about 2-3 inches in size, the males will start to grow their "bristles" on the tops of their head. 

Due to their age, ALL Chocolate Longfin Bristlenose Plecos sold by FarmHouse Aquatics are UNSEXED unless specified in the description. 


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