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Floating Spawning Mop

Floating Spawning Mop

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These handmade Floating Spawning / Breeding Mops are the perfect addition to your aquarium. They are made out of 100% Acrylic yarn which is safe for your fishy friends. 

They are amazing for egg laying or scattering fish such as Tetras, Danios, Barbs, Killifish, Rainbowfish, and even Goldfish. 

Livebearer fry also greatly benefit from these mops. They can hide in-between the yarn away from hungry predators. 

We use these exact mops in ALL of our breeding tanks at our facility and even in our Pleco tanks. Since they mimic floating plat roots, we find the fish seem more relaxed and not so shy when a mop is floating in the aquarium. 

**The Medium is 8 Inches long**

**The Large is 12 Inches long**

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