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Plecoceramics Pleco Tablets - Pleco Food

Plecoceramics Pleco Tablets - Pleco Food

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Plecoceramics Pleco Tablets

It is exactly the same food that Plecoceramics uses in our farm with GREAT success.

*100-gram pack*


  • Gammarus
  • shrimp meal
  • blood worms
  • wheat meal
  • pumpkin
  • soybean
  • fish meal
  • herbal flour
  • freshwater algae
  • freshwater sponges
  • fish oil
  • potassium sorbate
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E

Plecoceramics Pleco tablets are a fast sinking and highly nutritious food for bottom-dwelling fish.

It a great choice for herbivorous plecos such as Common Plecos, Bristlenoses Plecos, Ancistrus Pleco species, and many more. The essential ingredient is Gammarus, which is a freshwater crustacean. Besides high protein content, Gammarus contains a lot of carotene. In turn, carotene is promotes fish growth and improves their immune system.

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