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Slate Pleco Feeding Tile

Slate Pleco Feeding Tile

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These Slate Tiles are the perfect solution for controlled feeding of your Plecos when utilizing high-end Pleco "paste" type foods like Plecoceramics DIY Paste or Repashy.

They are conveniently hand cut to 4" by 4" in order to make it extremely easy to fit these tiles in and out of your aquarium.  

These Slate tiles allow your Pleco to naturally consume food as it would in it's natural environment. 

Directions: Just mix your Pleco "paste" style food by following the manufacture's instructions. Next, apply the food onto the Slate tile before it hardens (allow the food some time to dry onto the rock). Finally, place the Slate tile inside your aquarium.

After 24 hours, remove the tile and repeat.

*Sold as an Individual Tile*

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